While I’d love to quote Gertrude Stein as an opening to this post, I don’t feel that it would have much merit here. For anyone who has looked into becoming a writer, you probably have seen many a helpful comment that more or less says “START WRITING!”, but that isn’t at all helpful to someone who would like to write well as well as write often. I mean no offense to anyone who has used the above mantra, by the way- it ought to be followed for all aspiring writers, even if it just means maintaining a daily blog to begin with and working towards your goal.

Before I lose my point, let’s go back to the topic of writing well. Aside from the necessary grammar that we all need to know to be comprehended, everyone that puts pen to paper – or fingers to keys! – needs to have a grasp on their ability to write and be willing to improve upon it. If not, then why are you writing? Shame on you! Anyway! In order to learn how to write well, I have ordered The Elements of Style by Strunk and White and started reading Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell.

I can’t speak much on either book so far, but Bell’s Plot and Structure has a lot of great points in it for new writers and the exercises at the end of each chapter to keep you on your toes about your own ideas and how they relate to what you just read. It helps you to get a sense of what type of writer you are when it comes to crafting fiction and there is never anything wrong with a little bit of self-discovery.

Reading great fiction in hopes to write great fiction doesn’t sound like a bad idea either. Maybe I’ll write a bit about that tomorrow and see where it goes.