I’m a bit late with this post. Naps are great, unless they turn into full fledged sleeping time. Still, I’m awake and nobody else is, which makes reading and writing all the easier for me. So let’s begin!

I mentioned my own writing in yesterday’s post, but I didn’t mention when I would seriously begin writing. Truth be told, I’m not sure. I’d really like to make the most out of this learning phase and begin writing when I won’t have as many questions as I do now. Some people would probably urge me to begin writing anyway, but not yet! I’d like to say that this blog and my constant twittering make up for the lack of writing fiction, but there isn’t much of a comparison. Conditioning maybe, but it definitely doesn’t compare.

I always bring this book up, but Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell in the Write Great Fiction series seems to help me bridge the gap between learning and doing. The exercises always come back to what story you plan on carving out and keeping that at the forefront of your mind during your reading. Writing Excuses and the writing prompts featured at the end of most of the podcasts seem like a great way to practice as well, though I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been trying to catch up in my listening before jumping into each and every prompt.

So, um… when will I write? When I’m ready! You crawl before you walk, you know? Wha!? You say that is an excuse? I’ll have to work on that then and post a resolution in the upcoming weeks. Until then, I’ll keep reading, writing daily blogs here, and listening to podcasts by various authors to learn as much as I can. That and looking for a reliable writing forum!