Today will be a short one! I almost feel bad about writing simply about writing, but this is what the blog is about, you know? I will try to break things up on occasion, especially since I’m not learning/doing enough to justify writing about writing daily. So anyway…

It is all about Writing Excuses today. If you truly want to be a writer and you are not listening to this free podcast, then you’re just doing it wrong. Okay, maybe you aren’t doing it wrong, but you could be doing it better and these guys (and their occasional guests) give great advice. I’m a bit behind in my listening – about two seasons or a year’s worth of podcasts – and have decided to chug out about three or four podcasts every night or every other night. They’re only fifteen minutes long. Who can beat that, right? They also give weekly writing prompts that tend to challenge your creativity, but I’ve skipped a few of these due to being so far behind. Shame on me, but I promise to make it up when I catch up.

I’m not going to sing the praises of Brandon, Dan, and Howard all throughout this post, but you should seriously check them out. Listen at your leisure and drink in their knowledge, and whatever other funny stuff they let slip out. They are all accomplished writers and are very much worth your time. Newer listens don’t have to start at the first podcast, but they tend to refer to previously discussed topics quite a bit and it helps when you’re on the same page as these guys.

If you’re curious as to what I listened to, the topics were Theme, Knowing When to Begin, Website Marketing for Authors, and Talking Publishing and Writing with Dave Wolverton. Each being its own episode, of course. You can catch all of these episodes on the website and I, again, highly encourage it.

Ha, well… next time I’ll write something concerning what else I’ve been doing with my writing, toss in a real world issue or two, and maybe see what else travels from my brain to my fingers.