I’m a latecomer when it comes to reading books. I still haven’t touched a Harry Potter book, I’ve only recently heard about China Mieville, and I’m just now reading Magician by Raymond Feist. I’m not sure if playing catch up is entirely possible when great literature is popping up all over, but reading a few of the greats during my journey makes me feel a little better for stepping into things late.

So let’s talk briefly about Magician for a moment. So far, it is great. Being the first of Feist’s books, I’m especially inspired when reading it because it gives me somewhat of an example to what I should strive for as a writer. I’m not necessarily talking about the worldwide acclaim that eventually followed the success of his book. It is more so his ability to weave a great story and keep the reader engaged on his first book that spawned many more to come that I would like to develop.

As someone who hasn’t read as much as he should have, reading Magician gives me yet another angle of insight as an aspiring author. It might seem silly to someone else, but it is like a chef – or wannabe chef – watching Wolfgang Puck for the sheer enjoyment, but also taking note of his knife skills, pan technique, and etc on a subconscious level. Just as when I read Peridido Street Station for the thrill of the tale and learned much about using viewpoints before I even knew what a viewpoint was, I think Feist’s book is having similar effects when it comes to basic storytelling.

On another note, trying to find time for my learning books is getting a bit more difficult. Maybe I’ll have to read those earlier in the day, then do my enjoyment reading much later.