Right, so I decided that I would step back from reading for a moment and focus on writing something – a story short, poem, song, something! Sorry, Ayn Rand, but I’ll have to pick up The Fountainhead sometime next week.

So why did I decide to stop reading for the time being? Honestly, it is probably just the ‘new book blues’ or some other excuse. Everything I have been reading up until now has been fantasy-based and the other books on my makeshift shelf (read: piled up on my desk) aren’t. I’m sure they are good books, but I’ll most likely procrastinate on reading them until I decide to pop one open and see where it goes.

Anyway, brainstorming! What else can I say? I’ve started, I’m writing ideas, and I’m having fun. Coming up with good ideas is more difficult than I thought, but when isn’t being creative a bit difficult? Once I have a decent list of ideas, I’m going to try writing a chapter or two from two of the ideas and see how well that goes. Whatever happens, I know it will be an experience to learn from and it will give me something to do while I wait for these books to come in from Amazon.

Plot & Structure still needs to be read, too, especially if I’m going to start writing stuff up. I, uh… really need to start scheduling out my day.