You know, this ‘not blogging everyday’ thing hasn’t worked out as much as I thought it would. Once I got lax with posting here, I found it bleeding into my fiction writing and that was not good at all. What was worse were the excuses I would constantly make to convince myself why I wasn’t writing and that those excuses weren’t worth hearing or believing.

Oh, it is too late to write tonight!

I’m (brainstorming/reading/listening to Writing Excuses). That counts for writing!

Mmmm… pie.

I keep getting bothered! Who can write like this!?

So, for myself and others out there, I’d like to say that scheduling time to write is integral to your success as a writer. This is another duh moment brought to you by Writing or Bust!, but it is worth stating over and over again. Slapping the reins on your life and training yourself to get things done in whatever way is best for you is something that all new writers should be focused on. Want to play that video game? Sure, but make sure you knock out your daily writing quota. Read a book? Write a little of yours first. Watch the latest CSI? Psst… did you write yet?

You get the picture. It is tough – and I know from experience of trying – but it is a tremendous help and will help you become a more efficient writer in the process. Your brain will be juiced up and ready for the moment, your muse will have finished eating all of those yummy dream snacks you left for her overnight, and your word processor/notepad eager to begin where you left off.

The point is that being a successful writer is like having a second job. If you want to be damn good at your job and be read by an audience, then make sure you put in the time and effort to get there. You certainly won’t regret it.

Now to practice what I preach and resume my own work.