Today is a lazy day for blogging.

I usually don’t plan my blog posts, which may be obvious by the varying length between them or the abrupt stop before I can really solidify the point of the day. I’m steadily getting better at the daily posts and have even been planning a few to do in the future. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any regular viewers at this point (which is my fault! I’m not networking much.), but I’m still having fun with this and have been learning a lot from myself regardless.

Today is still a lazy day for blogging! So instead of scribbling up something on a single topic, I’ll touch on a few things I’ve been doing and what type of writing that I’d like to do. Sound good? Great.

I’ve been trying to outline and worldbuild quite a bit lately. Trying is the key word here because there are so many distractions where I currently am and that I place upon myself. That, too, is steadily getting better with practice, but a change in venue would probably help me more so than anything else. There is some good news though! Worldbuilding and outlining aren’t looking so bad any more. I recently watched an interview of China Mieville talking about his writing and his suggestions for newer writers. One of which was to extensively outline and worldbuild your butt off.

I rebelled. To myself, in blog posts, and to people I’ve spoken to. Why write an encyclopedia of information that you may or may not get to use? Why waste all of that time building something that only you would know about?

Believe or not, it helps. It won’t necessarily make writing the story easier, but knowing your world and owning it that much more will make you more confident when writing about it. You don’t have to write an epic, world sprawling fantasy to get to know your world as I once thought you did. I’m not going to touch too much on this since I’m still experimenting with it, but I’m enjoying it more than I was a few days ago.

Shifting topics, I’d like to touch on what sort of writing I’m planning on doing. Science Fiction and Fantasy as a genre is my focus, though that has probably been obvious with my reading list and the frequent usage of the word ‘fantasy’ in my blog posts. Where I used to be unsure, however, was with the multitude of sub-genres that exist and where I would settle down there. It wasn’t until I actually began the planning process for a few ideas – yes, I jumped around quite a bit with three ideas and have several more stashed away – that I realized that it didn’t matter too much.

Between glancing at publishing FAQs and simply needing to get the story written, I figured what will be will be. Dark Fantasy, urban themes, and my recent interest in Lovecraftian lore tend to swing me one way, but my off-and-on interest in manga, Feist, and other fictional worlds has me interesting in a more lighthearted, mystical side of fantasy. A blending of the two every now and then wouldn’t hurt either, right?

So there you have it! Toss in a little reading of The Scar by China Mieville – which I should be finished with soon as long as I keep the distractions at bay – and that’s what I have been up to. If this trend of daily blogging keeps up, then maybe I’ll continue to use Sunday as my lazy blogging day.